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Here at CourseKing,

We offer a variety of online courses that will serve as your One stop shop for everything that is mind-enriching and courses that will fuel your success! 

CourseKing ensures that you always have access to 100+ free Udemy courses on various topics, mainly related to software development and the technological industry. We have an extensive list of courses that is updated every three hours in order to stay on top of the more recent courses that Udemy has to offer! 

Meet the Team! 

These individuals are the ones responsible for the awesome portal to learning which is CourseKing! 

Founder & CEO

Matthew Pelletier

Matthew, one of the best entrepreneurs you'll find around. With over a decade of expertise, he managed to become an accomplished digital marketer and growth hacker. 

Starting when he was 16, he earned his first thousand dollars through the promotion of an online video game. This early success skyrocketed his determination to become the man he is today.

Head of Human Resources

Marizen Del Rosario

Marizen, a professional when it comes to the field of Human Resources. With the variety of skills sets that she has, it also comes with outstanding work ethic to be able to implement it.

Marizen is the reason why we have a positive work environment that empowers our employees to reach their full potential, and she ensures that our company culture aligns with our values and goals.

Automation Expert

Sanny Rey Jover

Rey is a recent addition to our team that has one goal in his mind and that is to make everyone's lives, a whole lot easier, whether that'd be through work with efficiency and automation or just simply life, in general. He's a joy to have around.  

His desire to improve in his role and outside of it is one of the key aspects that makes him a great person to succeed with.