New: Building a REST API with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [2024] (Published Feb 29, 2024)

In the rapidly evolving world of web development, understanding the backbone technologies that power our apps is crucial. That’s why Udemy’s latest free course, “Building a REST API with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [2024]“, is a gem for those looking to dive deep into backend development. This course is structured to not only educate but also empower you to create robust REST APIs using modern JavaScript technologies.

What You’ll Learn

  • API Fundamentals: The course begins with the basics, ensuring you understand what APIs are and how they function.
  • CRUD Operations: You will master Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations, essential for manipulating stored data.
  • Creating a REST API: Through hands-on learning, you’ll set up a REST API using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB, including advanced features like pagination.
  • Optimal Performance Configurations: Learn to configure routing, URL paths, and return values to enhance API performance.
  • API Testing with Postmann: The course includes thorough testing methodologies using Postmann, ensuring your API works flawlessly under different scenarios.

Course Requirements

To get the most out of this course, you should have intermediate proficiency in JavaScript. This will help you easily navigate the complexities of backend development.

Detailed Course Description

Building a REST API with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [2024]” is split into two main sections — Theory and Practical:

  • Theory Section: This part covers the definition, purpose, and applications of APIs. You’ll delve into CRUD operations and explore different server response types, learning how to handle status codes, headers, and response bodies effectively.
  • Practical Section: Here, you’ll put theory into action. Starting with setting up MongoDB and creating a database, you’ll move on to configuring a Node.js environment, installing Express and MongoDB driver, and building a robust server. Pagination implementation and status code handling are also covered in detail.

Who This Course Is For

This course is tailored for emerging software engineers who are eager to build foundational skills in backend development or enhance their existing knowledge.

Course Structure

  • Total Length: 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Number of Sections: 4
  • Number of Lectures: 11

From setting up your environment to thorough testing with Postmann, this course ensures a comprehensive learning journey.

Student Reviews

The course has received a range of positive feedback from its participants. Students have praised the course for providing a solid foundation in backend development, with many appreciating the clear and easy-to-understand explanations. Others have highlighted how the course helped them refresh their basic skills effectively. Overall, the reviews reflect a strong satisfaction with the course’s content and instructional quality, making it a recommended choice for those looking to enhance their software engineering skills.

Enroll Today

Whether you’re starting your journey in backend development or looking to refresh your skills, “Building a REST API with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [2024]” offers a thorough educational experience free of charge. Dive into the course today and start building APIs that are not just functional but are also optimized for performance.

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