New: ISO 27001:2022 in 1H (Published Nov 28, 2023)

In the ever-evolving landscape of information security, staying ahead with the latest standards is crucial for individuals and organizations alike. is thrilled to spotlight a freshly launched Udemy course that promises a swift yet comprehensive dive into the world of ISO 27001:2022 – “ISO 27001:2022 in 1H“. Released on November 28, 2023, this course stands out as a prime resource for those looking to understand and implement the revered ISO 27001 framework effectively.

Course Overview

ISO 27001:2022 in 1H” is ingeniously crafted to introduce learners to the ISO 27001 standard, focusing on its application in real-world scenarios. Designed for beginners and professionals from various fields, this course requires no prior experience in information security, making it accessible to everyone with basic computer literacy.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the ISO 27001 Framework and ISMS Structure: Gain insights into the structure and framework of an Information Security Management System (ISMS), pivotal for safeguarding information assets.
  • Learn Information Security Principles: Familiarize yourself with the core principles of information security and how they can be applied within your organization.
  • Implement ISO 27001 Controls Effectively: Discover the nuances of implementing ISO 27001 controls to enhance your organization’s information security posture.
  • Grasp Compliance and Best Practices: Understand the importance of compliance with ISO 27001 and learn the best practices for maintaining an effective ISMS.

Course Content

Spanning 5 sections and 22 lectures over a total length of 1 hour and 9 minutes, the course content is meticulously organized to cover:

  • An introduction to ISO 27001, the ISMS, and the PDCA cycle.
  • Detailed exploration of risk management in ISO 27001.
  • In-depth look at ISO 27001 clauses, from the context of the organization to improvement.
  • A guide through Annex A, focusing on organizational, people, physical, and technological controls.
  • The certification process, concluding with actionable next steps for learners.


Participants have praised the course for its clarity, conciseness, and practicality. While one learner highlighted a minor issue with video content that needs addressing, the overall sentiment underscores the course’s effectiveness in demystifying ISO 27001 in a short span of time.


Whether you’re an IT professional, a business manager, or simply someone keen on enhancing your information security knowledge, “ISO 27001:2022 in 1H” offers a golden opportunity to learn from experts in the field. Dive into this course to navigate the complexities of ISO 27001 and emerge with a solid foundation in managing and protecting information assets. Join us at to embark on this educational journey and stay ahead in the realm of information security.

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