New: Google Workspace: Mastering Google Docs for Beginners (Published March 25, 2024)

Are you looking to improve your digital skills for the modern workforce? Look no further than the newly launched free course, Google Workspace: Mastering Google Docs for Beginners, provided by HR Digest in collaboration with Grow with Google. This course is specifically designed to help beginners develop proficiency in Google Docs, one of the most widely used tools in today’s collaborative digital environments.

What You’ll Learn

The course offers a comprehensive guide to mastering Google Docs, covering various tools, settings, and features to enhance your document creation and collaboration skills. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Utilizing Google Docs Tools: Learn to navigate and use the various tools and settings available in Google Docs.
  • Editing and Customizing Documents: Gain the skills to edit and adjust document content and settings for optimal sharing and collaboration.
  • Document Organization: Discover strategies to organize documents effectively to enhance collaborative efforts.
  • Formatting Proficiency: Master the art of formatting text, adding headings, creating a table of contents, and more.
  • Inserting Elements: Learn how to insert images, internal and external links, and format tables to enrich your documents.
  • Document Settings and Tools: Adjust page settings, use tools to check spelling and word count, and create a personal dictionary.
  • Collaboration Features: Understand how to use commenting and suggesting features to facilitate seamless teamwork.
  • Downloading and Sharing: Learn how to adjust share settings and download files in different formats.


No prior experience with Google Docs or document editing is required. This course is perfect for beginners who want to build a solid foundation in document creation and editing using Google Docs.

Course Description

This beginner-friendly course is designed to empower you with practical knowledge and insights to excel in a collaborative digital environment. By the end of the lesson, you’ll navigate Google Docs confidently and efficiently. The course includes:

  • Introduction to Google Docs: Basic navigation and setup of your document, including choosing page size, orientation, and color.
  • Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers: Learn to add headers, footers, and page numbers to your documents.
  • Text Formatting: Techniques for aligning text, adjusting line and paragraph spacing, and using headings to create a table of contents.
  • Advanced Formatting: Change fonts and styles, insert images and links, and format tables.
  • Collaboration Tools: Use Google Docs tools for reviewing and editing, and learn how to share and collaborate effectively.
  • File Management: Download your documents in different formats and adjust share settings for optimal collaboration.

Course Structure

The course, Google Workspace: Mastering Google Docs for Beginners, is divided into two sections, comprising 14 lectures with a total duration of 40 minutes. Each lecture is designed to be concise yet comprehensive, ensuring you can learn efficiently.

Section 1: Introduction to Docs

  1. Introduction to Docs — Part 1 (2:32)
  2. Set Up Your Document (2:21)
  3. Add Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers (2:41)
  4. Format Text Blocks (4:15)
  5. Set Paragraph Styles (2:51)
  6. Docs — Part 1 Wrap-Up (0:59)

Section 2: Advanced Google Docs Features

  1. Introduction to Docs — Part 2 (2:32)
  2. Change Fonts and Styles (6:04)
  3. Insert Images and Links (2:55)
  4. Insert and Format Tables (4:27)
  5. Google Docs Tools — Review & Edit (1:42)
  6. Share and Collaborate in Your Document (4:12)
  7. Download Your File in Different Formats (1:55)
  8. Docs — Part 2 Wrap-Up (1:15)


Participants have found the course both enjoyable and educational. One reviewer mentioned how the course was a fun way to refresh their skills in Google Docs. Another appreciated the clear and accurate course procedures. The animations and simplicity of the demos were highlighted by another user, while someone else loved how the videos covered important topics succinctly without any exaggeration.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone looking to brush up on your Google Docs skills, Google Workspace: Mastering Google Docs for Beginners is an excellent resource. The course is well-structured, easy to follow, and packed with practical tips and techniques to help you become proficient in using Google Docs. Enroll now and start your journey towards mastering Google Docs today!

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