New: Rapid Application Development with Jmix (Published Mar 27, 2024)

In the ever-evolving world of software development, the quest for efficient and scalable solutions is perpetual. The new Udemy course, “Rapid Application Development with Jmix“, promises just that—streamlining the development process using Jmix, a robust framework that harnesses Java for both backend and web UI development. Ideal for developers seeking to advance their skills or enter the realm of full-stack development, this course offers a structured path to mastering Jmix.

What You Will Learn

The course is designed to arm participants with the knowledge to:

  • Build Full-Stack Web Applications: Learn to utilize Java alongside Jmix to create responsive and functional web applications.
  • Harness Jmix Studio: Make the most of visual tools provided by Jmix Studio for seamless creation of data models, database migration scripts, UI views, and business logic.
  • Explore Open-Source Java Technologies: Dive into the use of foundational technologies such as Spring, Vaadin, JPA, and Liquibase that underpin the Jmix platform.
  • Understand Application Security and Deployment: Grasp the basics of securing and deploying applications, ensuring they are robust and ready for real-world use.

Who Should Enroll

  • Beginner Developers: New to the development scene? This course is tailored for you to start your journey into web application development.
  • Experienced Developers: Already familiar with Java or other frameworks? Enhance your productivity with Jmix’s innovative tools.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Interested in building applications using open-source technologies? This course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Course Outline

The curriculum of “Rapid Application Development with Jmix” is comprehensive, covering 8 sections with 62 lectures, totaling 1 hour and 50 minutes. Key sections include:

  • Introduction to Jmix: Get acquainted with the Jmix environment, from installation to running your first application.
  • Building a Data Model and UI: Learn to construct a data model and develop a user interface using Jmix Studio.
  • Security and Deployment: Understand how to implement security measures and deploy your application effectively.

Practical Learning Approach

This course emphasizes practical learning. You will engage in building a simple full-stack web application, from project initiation to deployment. The course is structured to allow flexibility—you can either follow along with hands-on practice or opt to absorb the material through observation, based on your learning preference.


The course has received highly favorable reviews from a range of students. Newcomers praised it as an excellent introduction to Jmix, helping them start their development journey. Seasoned developers found the content thorough and appreciated discovering new aspects of Jmix, even with years of experience in similar frameworks. There’s a common desire among learners for more advanced follow-up courses to delve deeper into the capabilities of Jmix. Overall, students agree that the course is well-organized, providing a solid foundation in a concise format, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.


Whether you’re a novice looking to step into the world of Java web development or an experienced coder aiming to refine your skills with new tools, the “Rapid Application Development with Jmix” course on Udemy is a vital resource that promises a blend of foundational learning and practical application. Enroll today and begin your journey towards becoming a proficient full-stack developer with Jmix.

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